Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome to Belize! (Day 1 & 2)

Leaders of the Day: Becky and Tynan

This morning, after a long day of traveling, we very tired and dressed for a walk in the jungle. This walk started with a tour of the jaguar reserve at which we were staying. After a history of the jaguars and a tour of the visitor center, we set off.
The woods were moist after a night of heavy rain and as the breeze blew, the drops of water falling from the leaves and the sound of howler monkey's in the distance really reminded us we were in the rain forest.  We were walking carefully so as not to disturb the highways of clipper ants, carrying leaves and flowers in twisting paths along the jungle floor. Leaves were strewn across the path, decomposing and, according to Juan (our awesome guide), being recycled into a part of the earth.

Then we drove to the Mayan museum. It did not look like much from the outside, but inside it was a full replica of an old Mayan house, complete with a kitchen and beds. We were shown how the Mayans slept and where they kept their children. We also were shown a replica kitchen where we were allowed to grind coffee and corn. We also engaged in tortilla making, which quickly turned into an aggressive competition. After an interactive display of traditional Mayan dancing we all returned to the bus for our next destination: The shrimp farm.

We went to a vast expanse of manmade ponds full of Belizean shrimp that would soon be caught and exported to Mexico. We had an AMAZING lunch at the shrimp farm, where we all gained at least 10 pounds. We returned to the lodge and visited the community that we would be helping for the next few days.

We interacted with local people in their hand built straw and clay houses, astonished about how they live their lives so comfortably without the luxuries that we find vital in our lives. There is really too much to say about the community so we can explain when we get back after the "How was the trip?!?!?!? TELL ME EVERYTHING!"

Finally we returned to the lodge for dinner and now we are here writing this blog…

I love all of you so much and really miss you…. and I will see you soon! -Tynan

I wish you all could be here and I promise to show you all the videos and pictures I have taken (after I edit them of course ;)) -Becky

Until Saturday… keep checking for daily blog updates!

-Tynan & Becky
(p.s. pics below!)


Unknown said...

Glad you're all having fun!!! Perhaps you've heard-- cold & snowing back in Boston!!!

Les & Cindy Savage

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that everyone arrived safely! Great to hear about your experiences - I will be checking your blog frequently!

And yes - I will be hoping to see many pictures and videos!

Mr. Fehlau