Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day Five: Mayan Center

Leaders of the Day: Dee and Harrison

After having an amazing breakfast at 7:30 AM sharp we took a short bus-ride down the street, carrying all supplies, and arrived at the school. Once again the children were warm and loving just as they had shown us the previous three days. Just before we had to work, we had some time to play around with the kids. But then the bell rang and we knew that it was time to work. Today, we finished two projects, the library and the kitchen.

The Library crew rearranged the bookshelves, swept the ground several times, organized the books on the shelf, moved televisions and tables, and bought supplies for the kids reading area. The Kitchen crew repainted doors, windows, and walls, built shelves, scrubbed shelves and tables, and bought silverware, cups, cleaning supplies and a stove. Despite the bug-bites and the heat, everyone worked extremely hard and the result of the hard work was unbelievable.

After a long morning of work, we told the kids that we would see them tomorrow and headed to the bus. Once we arrived back at the lodge we had a wonderful lunch consisting of grilled cheese, tortillas, and spaghetti. Right after lunch we went straight to tubing. Tubing was located at the Jaguar Reserve (the place we stayed at the first night). You might picture tubing as a tube being pulled by a fast motor boat, but that was exactly the opposite of what it actually was. This tubing experience was calm and relaxing.

We spent one hour calmly drifting down the river and as we were drifted we saw wonderful wildlife. The sun was shining and we all splashed each other in the river as we basked in the joy of having finished our work. After tubing, we went on a 20 minute rigorous hike to a waterfall. Once we reached the waterfall, everyone jumped in the water courageously except for the scaredy-cat teachers. The water was extremely cold at first, but that did not stop anyone from reaching the waterfall. The water fell hard on us, and it was refreshing from hiking in the humid weather. After the fun in the waterfall, we had another hike ahead of us. It was probably half an hour.

Day 5 was amazing and extremely fun, and the lodge we were staying at is going to be deeply missed!

WOOOOHOOOOO TUBING!!! But I fell so many times… it was kind of tragic! - Dee

I love you guys so much and I miss you all very much love you mom and dad - Harrison


Unknown said...

Sounds like a very productive day -- the newly refurbished kitchen will be so appreciated! Tubing must have been sooo relaxing after the long work-day. Can't wait to see all of you in two more days.

Les & Cindy (& a big hello from your brother & sister, Harrison!)